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        ISO 9002 accreditation was approved in 1997 for our crews. The approval of the accreditation of our laboratory by NVLAP in 1998. Furthermore, Fwu Kuang has acquired the council of Chinese national laboratory accreditation (CNLA) as an accredited laboratory in 2001. The quality systems help us to perform our quality commitments. Moreover, ISO9001 was approved in 2001 as new publication by BSI. TS 16949-2002 was approved in 2008.

        Our quality systems, ensuring that product conforms to specified requirements, provide us for continuous improvement, emphasizing defect prevention and the reduction of variation and waste in the supply chain. Also, it ensures customer satisfaction. We manufacture our fastener according to international standard, IFI, DIN etc., as customers' requirement. We keep good quality from manufacture and our quality control system is just for the approval of quality conformance. From the purchase and receipt of raw material, we identify the most suitable raw material and chose the fit condition of forging, threading and heat-treating to ensure good quality. Lots number controls are important for us to follow all procedure in manufacture.


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